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FOLKS GIVING FEST || Luca Fogale, David Newberry and Mark & Bobby

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Day #2 of #Folksgiving Fest is a smorgasbord of hearty, wholesome, folk songwriting, rock ala Father John Misty from poet\journalist and one succulent scoop of groovy upbeat feet shakers.

8pm - Doors
9pm - Luca Fogale
10pm - David Newberry
11pm - Mark and Bobby

Luca Fogale: Luca Fogale writes music about real life, inspired by the human condition and the indescribable ways that music affects us. Defining himself as a folk musician, Luca draws great influence from classic poets and songwriters alike in order to create music that conveys awareness and communicates a powerful message to the listener, a quality that has resulted in an extremely dedicated fan base.

Folk singer/songwriter from Burnaby, BC | Top 20 Finalist in Peak Performance Project 2013

David Newberry: David Newberry's songs provide insight into the remarkably complex world we live in. Never sacraficing hopefulness for truth (or beauty for despair) he coaxes the listener into a conversation about life, art, and the magic of survival in challenging times. Armed with a sharp eye for detail and an ear for pushing the boundaries of what roots music "sounds like," he has made a tangible impact across a number of musical communities.

Operating in a genre that folks have started to call 'Critical Canadiana,' Newberry's soon-to-be-released EP "Desire Lines," is proving that he is capable of building on the momentum that he has earned through years of relentless touring, exhilirating recordings, and a steadfast commitment to song-craft as the foundation for his body of work... MORE AT:

Mark & Bobby: With a playful vibe built on a chemistry 20 years in the making, Mark Woodyard and Bobby Dimock are a musical duo that will get you on the dance floor.

Using electronic beats to create funky mash up's with styles from hip hop to classic rock, Mark and Bobby perform their growing playlist of covers and originals with their own distinct flavor.

As band members of The Last Scene, Mark and Bobby have been house musicians at the Village Taphouse in West Vancouver for the last 5 years, have played the Cactus Club Choice Awards at the River Rock Show Theatre for 4 years running, and played countless unforgettable parties and events.