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CHILDHOOD HERO's || Halloween Party at The Juniper Room

Think back to your warm & fuzzy childhood memories. Who did ya look up to? Who was your hero? In honor of them this Halloween, let's give a go at dressing up like they would.

The higher than usual ticket price will give us a bit of a budget to make this party extra schhhpecial. So don't fret, it'll be worth it!

Until the big day, we (and whoever is interested in helping) will be working to find some good childhood knick-knacks, snacks & activities. We're talking Yakbacks, POGs, Pop rocks, parachute game, good rugrat episodes & slinkys. Find your inner kid this 31st of October & live like you didn't have a single responsibility in the world.

8 pm - Doors
9 pm - Pillow Fight
10 pm - Slinky Competition
10:30pm - Schnack Time
11pm - Tug of war
12am - Paper Airplane Battle.

Looking forward to it y'all!


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