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LUCITERRA'S Co-Creative Process || Workshop

The Juniper Room is thrilled to host LUCITERRA and their transformative Co-Creative Process Workshop! This is a non-dance workshop and is open to ALL artists.

$25 advance registration. $30 at the door.
~Light refreshments will be provided~

Cut off for registration is 9pm Nov.7th!! Secure your spot before its too late!

Please contact to register, and for more details!

This highly engaging workshop will expand your mind and problem solving skills for reaching your collaborative potential as an artist! Please feel very welcome to come as a group (your band, dance partner, etc) for optimal growth ♥

As the age old expression goes, "two heads are better than one!" The more creative input channeled into a project, the more diversity and breadth we end up with in the final product! However, working effectively as a group while creating can be very challenging. Therefore, this process often ends being controlled or led by a single director. In this workshop Luciterra will use their experience as a completely co-run, co-managed, co-choreographed troupe to share some techniques and strategies for how to work effectively in a co-creative process. Coming from various backgrounds in grassroots community organizing and non-hierarchical group process, as well as having over five years experience working together using a consensus model, Luciterra has a lot of both theoretical and experiential information to share on this topic. We continue to work in this co-creative way because we truly believe in it, and are genuinely committed to what we feel leads to a deeper and more fulfilling process and product.